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our expertise


DynaD’s business journey actively require a 

dedicated and focused approach in building

high level of skills amongst our people



∆ First and foremost, all our people undergo medical

   examination and induction training as per mine



∆ Secondly, maintaining the high level of skill, regular

   training updates are not negotiable for all employees


∆ Knowledge is key, and the team regularly research

   and investigate new innovative methods


∆ Our management team are highly experienced with

   a total of 80 years collectively







∆ The team proudly so, are technical experts equipped

   in general maintenance, technical repairs,

   modifications and specific dangerous conditions


∆ We offer a high quality AFTER-SALES service with our

   experienced and dedicated field services team


∆ We offer a professional operating crew for our OEM

   and manufactured machine


∆ We also supply trained operators, including an

   operator manual, to ensure advanced diagnosis of

   any potential operations 




















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