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Our extensive experience of African conditions allow

us to manufacture and re-manufacture quality products

with a superb after-sales service and a professional operational

team of specialists to the industry.



∆ DynaD has more than 20 years experience in the

   mining, exploration, surface and opencast drill industry


∆ Our engineering and drill manufacture background

   and expertise grows in line with the expansion of the

   mining industry in Africa


∆ We create, manufacture and source a combination

   of solution driven products tailor-made and tested for

   our market


∆ We provide quality products with a quality AFTER-SALES

   service to the high demand for surface geological 

   exploration drills and equipment




DYNAD 3000

Track/Truck mounted DTH Drill Rig    





























DYNAD also re-manufacture a wide range of drill rigs for clients.

We deem ourselves specialists in the SANDVIC TAMROCK DK series.

Previous re-builds range from D25K – D75K drills.


DYNAD also supply used parts on D25K / DK25 / D40K / D45K / D75K/ Gator



DYNAD 3500  

Track/Truck mounted DTH Drill Rig (Onboard compressor)

DYNAD 2000

Tractor mounted (Short hole) Drill Rig

∆ A quality machine and after-sales service are

   meaningless without an equally professional

   operating crew


∆ We train and supply highly qualified RIG OPERATORS

   to the industry, familiar and capable to operate the rig


∆ Our operators are also trained to understand the

   machine in totality to ensure advanced diagnosis of

   potential faulty operations or equipment




















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