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Our blasting team, dedicated and focused, provides

a total crew and explosive supply solution to your




∆ Our selection of drills, range of knowledge, and speed

   of deployment make us one of the most versatile

   blasting service in the region


∆ Our excellent relationship with explosives suppliers,

   experienced people and the association with explosive transporters

   allow us to provide:


  • Production blasting for quarries and surface mining operations

  • Pre-split and final wall blasting

  • Civil construction blasting of trenches and dams


∆ Our explosive engineers approach every assignment

    as an individual challenge 
















∆ We offer the complete drilling and blasting service 

    – from experienced people to the best equipment 


∆ We also pride ourselves in providing the most 

   comprehensive subcontractor blasting service 


∆ Enabling you to bid competitively, we eagerly share

   our expertise 


∆ Our variety of equipment guarantee low costs 




















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