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DynaD has been involved in surface exploration from

1991 and made meaningul headway in opencast

drilling since 1997


∆  Drill pattern, drill methods and charging-up methods

    are all different to specific requirements


∆  DynaD carefully plan each drill pattern and blast

    according to regulation and specific client

    requirements – we understand that clients want to

    be understood and valued


∆ We are actively involved with numerous mine groups 

    in the region and do extensive drill and blast work







∆ This include monitor holes, sanitary sealed holes,

    refuse bays, overburden holes and blasting holes


∆ Installation materials include PVC, HDPE, steel and 

   stainless steel surface casing - to seal off possible

   contaminated upper aquifers from deeper clean

   aquifers, sanitary seals, gravel and cement packing,

   manholes and lockable casing caps 





















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